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The Exceliving Project has ended!

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The EXCELIVING project, a collaborative initiative funded by the European Union, has been instrumental in promoting sustainable living environments across Europe. By bringing together a consortium of leading clusters and organizations from diverse sectors, EXCELIVING has fostered innovation, knowledge exchange, and collaboration, leading to tangible advancements in sustainable housing, construction, and furniture.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Living Environments

EXCELIVING has taken a comprehensive approach to sustainability, addressing various aspects of living environments, including:

  • Accessibility and Age-Friendly Design: Ensuring that homes and public spaces are accessible and well-designed for individuals of all ages and abilities.
  • Digital Health and Assisted Living: Harnessing technology to enhance accessibility and provide support for independent living.
  • Healthy and Sustainable Building Materials: Developing and implementing sustainable and healthy materials for construction.
  • Sustainable and Healthy Furniture: Designing and producing furniture that prioritizes environmental impact and promotes well-being.

Supporting companies through ClusterXchanges

The Exceliving project has organized 8 different ClusterXchange events, each 3 days long. In these events, 75 SMEs, universities, Research Centers and clusters have travelled to different European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Romania, Germany, Denmark and France to learn, promote their products and enhance their skills.

Transforming the Habitat Value Chain

EXCELIVING has strived to transform the habitat value chain by fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders. The project has organized numerous events, webinars, workshops, and matchmaking sessions, enabling companies, research institutions, and policymakers to connect and share expertise.

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