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Romania publishes the Action Plan for the National Strategy regarding the circular economy

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On October 11, 2023, the Action Plan for the National Circular Economy Strategy was published in the Official Monitor of Romania. The objective for the development of the Circular Economy Action Plan is based on Romania’s need to contribute to the achievement of the general objective of climate neutrality by 2050, provided in the European Ecological Pact, and the objectives of the new Circular Economy Action Plan of the European Union.

The sectoral scope of the Action Plan on the Circular Economy is based on the prioritization developed within the National Strategy on the Circular Economy where the sectors with the most potential for the circular economy were highlighted. The determination of the priority sectors with the greatest potential to strengthen the circular economy was based on the analysis of the economic contribution, the impact on the environment and human health, as well as the challenges and opportunities related to the circular economy in each sector. Therefore, the economic sectors included in the Circular Economy Action Plan are:

  • agriculture and forestry;
  • auto;
  • constructions;
  • food and drinks;
  • packaging such as glass, paper, plastic materials, wood and metal materials;
  • textiles;
  • electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.

The national circular economy strategy, on the basis of which the Circular Economy Action Plan was developed, was published in the Official Monitor of Romania in September 2022. Romania received support in the development of this strategy from the European Commission, supported by the General Directorate of Support for Structural Reforms through the EU Technical Support Instrument (TSI). Therefore, technical assistance was provided to Romania during all stages of the development of the document.

The adopted strategy provides an overview of the circularity potential of 14 economic sectors in Romania, establishing a clear general direction aimed at accelerating the transition from a linear economic model to a circular one. Therefore, Romania reaffirms its support for the objectives of the European Green Deal.

Besides contributing to the transition from a linear to a circular economic model, this strategy also represents an opportunity for Romania to reduce its high dependence on raw material imports. Indeed, the circular economy strategy will support the identification of solutions for the collection and reuse of all types of waste in order to reduce this dependence. Therefore, the national strategy provides five priorities for the development of policies aimed at promoting circularity in Romania. They focus on:

  • reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials through sustainable extraction, recycling and recovery activities;
  • reducing the consumption of consumer goods by extending the life of the products;
  • reducing the impact of production activities on the environment;
  • reducing the environmental impact of waste and wastewater management and disposal activities and
  • improving policy coherence and governance, communication and collaboration between local, regional and national authorities.

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