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Green EU news: a collection of new initiatives

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The EXCELIVING partners want to make news on green transformation in the EU more accessible, and therefore we want to offer a collection of different news in this article. In this and other news articles on the EXCELIVING webpage you get the chance to get updated on new initiatives in the green transformation in the European countries. We hope you will get inspired and learn something new:

  • The 2023 update to the Net Zero Emissions by 2050

 A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector, published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in May 2021, considers the complexity of the global energy crisis through the integration of noteworthy developments that have arisen since 2021, namely the progress in developing and deploying some key clean energy technologies.

  • National Energy and Climate Plan in Portugal

In Portugal, the National Energy and Climate Plan sets 2030 targets for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and decarbonization of energy sector.

  • European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

The European Economic and Social Committee has adopted an own-initiative opinion on the European furniture industry’s recovery and shift towards an innovative, green, and circular economy. The opinions call on the European Commission to provide more integrated strategies for specific economic sectors, coordinating the various policy fields into an ongoing transition of the European economy.

  • 171 projects funded through the EU LIFE Programme

The EU LIFE Programme is providing funding to 171 projects across EU countries focused on nature, biodiversity, climate change mitigation, and clean energy transition. Initiatives range from promoting sustainable consumption to utilizing bifacial solar panels for water reflection and implementing clean energy practices in the hospitality sector, saving energy equivalent to 390 million light bulbs annually. Out of 171 projects, 34 target climate change, 67 focus on clean energy transition, 29 prioritize nature and biodiversity, and 36 address water use, electrical waste, chemicals, and pollution to improve the quality of life for EU citizens.

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