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The EXCELIVING Training Programme has started

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A new training and learning programme has been launched to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other clusters' members address knowledge gaps and improve their skills. The programme is designed to cover several areas, including technical training, business and investment training, management skills and capacities.

The technical training component of the programme will focus on improving the capacitation of SMEs and clusters' members to understand and address the main trends and challenges in the evolving business ecosystem. The training will cover topics such as digitalisation, deployment of advanced technologies, sustainability, circular economy, and promotion of healthy environments.

The business and investment training component will support clusters' members to identify and reach new business and investment opportunities and agreements, promote internationalisation processes, and entrepreneurship initiatives and projects. Management skills and capacities will also be a key focus area, as the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated changes in work relationships and the business ecosystem worldwide, making it necessary to strengthen digital competencies and improve management skills for building solid teams and anticipating economic changes.

Partners involved in the programme will take the opportunity to test some mechanisms to deliver services and find out if the services provided are engaging clusters' members in a proper way. This block of the training programme will engage clusters' members in a pilot experience contributing to include their opinions and experiences in the definition and improvement of the cluster's services to advance towards excellence.

At least two webinars will be organised for each of the four areas, and the programme of the webinars and their content will be available on the helpdesk platform in an ebook format to guarantee that clusters' members access all this material once the funding period is over. The webinars will be focused on sustainability, business and investment training, management skills and capacities, introduction to new markets or countries, and best practices.

Use the following link to register for the upcoming webinars

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